NL joins forces to scale up charging infrastructure

In the Netherlands, governments, market, science and grid operators have joined forces for scaling up charging infrastructure. To that end, the National Agenda of Charging Infrastructure (NAL) is enforced. This is unique in Europe. Other countries are closely following the developments that are taking place. This became clear during the international symposium Future of Charging, where scaling up was one of the main themes.

Scale up according to experts
Do you want to know what different stakeholders think is needed to scale up? That’s what they tell you in this video:

The National Agenda of Charging Infrastructure – NAL
The Netherlands has been engaged in cooperation and knowledge exchange between stakeholders for some years now. Partly as a result of this, the Dutch charging infrastructure is further developed than in other countries. Bert Klerk, chairman of the NAL, explains: “In the Netherlands, as a result of the National Climate Agreement we joined forces and commited to a National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure (NAL). An agenda full of ambitions and urgent actions that we will tackle together: government, market and science. Together we will ensure that the Netherlands is ready in 2030 for the transition to full electric.”

Quick NAL facts:

  • Part of the Dutch Climate Agreement
  • Agreements signed by governments, market parties and grid operators
  • Implementation through 6 collaborative Dutch regions
  • Goals: nationwide and future-proof network, time reduction placing process and accessible information
  • Including agreements on smart charging and logistics

Key issues NAL
1. Accelerating the placement process and determining basic conditions for charging infrastructure, from policy to realization
2. Information, price transparency, open protocols and open markets
3. Smart charging, from policy and legislation to the development of market models
4. Innovation and new mobility services, such as autonomous driving
5. Logistics: commercial vehicles, heavy transport and inland shipping

Contact en information
Do you have questions or would you like to get in touch with the Dutch municipalities involved or the NAL steering committee? Let us know via:
More information (in Dutch): the National Agenda for Charging Infrastucture (NAL)