Overview of Dutch projects on policymaking

The Netherlands is the global front runner in development and rollout of charging infrastructure. Get inspired by these projects that stimulate and support government policymaking.

Info-point for local authorities
Knowledge levels vary widely among Dutch municipalities when it comes to charging infrastructure: some already have well-developed and comprehensive charging network, while others have only just begun. NKL wants to help all local authorities get up to speed on charging, so it has set up a dedicated info-point for them. This extensive online knowledge base is the first stop for municipal and regional authorities seeking information on policy development or on placement and management of charging infrastructure. A team of experts will keep this online knowledge base up to date.

Knowledge tour on charging infrastructure for municipalities
The NKL Charging Infrastructure Knowledge Tour is where municipal governments can learn about developments in charging infrastructure. Experts are always present to answer questions, but the knowledge tour is about a lot more than knowledge transfer alone. It brings together municipalities from the same region so they can talk and learn from each other. And it’s where new collaborations can get started. As well as covering pragmatic matters such as the installation of charging points, the meetings look at the big questions such as solving issues around taxation of the energy network.

Website for smooth and efficient application processes
Anyone who buys an electric car in the Netherlands can apply to their local authority for the installation of a public charging station. If it the application succeeds, what follows is the realization of the charging station itself. This process involves the council, the grid operator and a private operator . NKL has set up an application portal (laadpaalnodig.nl) to make sure this process goes smoothly and efficiently – that’s more convenient for the applicant and for all the other parties involved. It can cut weeks off the application process.

Glossary of terms for EV charging
The markets for EVs and electric charging are relatively young, and a lot of new terms have come into use in a very short time. Many people are unfamiliar with these terms, so the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has teamed up with ElaadNL and NKL to create a glossary – it’s available in Dutch and English!

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