NKL: The starting point for charging infrastructure of electric transport

Our mission is to accelerate electric mobility by contributing to a more cost efficient and future-proof charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. Our contribution to this acceleration:

  • Manuals, tools, guidelines​
  • Knowledge sharing (eg. Roadshows, knowledge center)​
  • New topics (price transparency, interoperability)​
  • Stimulating innovative projects

Our projects and reports are based on scientific insights and practical experience.

Benchmark review: charging infrastructure costs and revenues
NKL conducts an annual benchmark review of charging infrastructure costs and revenues. The resulting data form the basis for recommendations for improving the business case for charging infrastructure and delivering usable insights to government bodies and market actors. The benchmarks come about through engagements with the sector in the form of interviews, surveys, and expert meetings. The involvement of many stakeholders means outcome support is broad-based. The indicators show that the business case for charging infrastructure in the Netherlands has improved in just a few years.

Maturity model: professionalizing the market
Rapid market maturation is essential for parties seeking to capitalize on the expected growth of EV in the Netherlands. To this end, in 2017 the benchmark was expanded to incorporate a maturity model for assessing the professionalism of the market, with a focus on policy and organization, funding, market forces, and alignment with energy transition. The model generates action lines for further professionalization.

Beyond the charging station: platform for alternative solutions
If the Netherlands wants to keep up with the growth in EV use, its going to need a lot more charging points – but achieving that using only charging stations is going to be difficult. That’s why local authorities are increasingly implementing alternatives such as charging pools, ‘hidden’ charging points, and smart integration with other types of street furniture. The organization for charging alternatives Platform Anders Laden offers an overview of ongoing municipal pilots that includes do’s and don’ts, so that local authorities can learn from each other and market players and research institutes can identify and respond to needs. NKL has also published technical, legal, organizational and financial fact sheets on the platform.

International collaboration
NKL participates in international projects, within -for example – the EVRoaming Foundation. This Foundation manages and supports the Open Charge Point Interface protocol (OCPI) as free, reliable standard worldwide. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station. The EVRoaming Foundation wants to ensure that OCPI is a sustainable and strong protocol that remains accessible in the long-term. The foundation is not limited to OCPI and can also support other related activities and services. The board currently consists of representatives of Freshmile, Chargepoint, EVBOX, Last Mile Solutions and NKL. More information: EVroaming.

Our partners

  • Governments​
  • Knowledge institutes​
  • Grid operators​
  • Private companies